Prey on the filament of the dawn
Of fear, on
The silent grip of the numb at noon
Of fear, at

Dusk and then when the eyes plumb
A sleep
Less want, a depthless drum of river's
Need, a

Blessed blight of trembling limbs that
In dire need, in the fleeting sheen of

Pry off the hunger, the long rectangle
Of solid
Angles that reek of innate howls of

“In a world that prefers security to justice, there is loud applause whenever justice is sacrificed on the altar of security. The rite takes place in the streets. Every time a criminal falls in a hail of bullets, society feels some relief from the disease that makes it tremble. The death of each lowlife has a pharmaceutical effect on those living the high life. The word “pharmacy” comes from pharmakos, the Greek name for humans sacrificed to the gods in times of crisis.” – from Eduardo Galeano‘s Upside Down

2 comments on “Fear

  1. Melissa Shaw-Smith says:

    Very powerful, and sadly true.

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