If Eve had written Genesis

“If Eve had written Genesis, what would she have said about the first night of human love?
Eve would have begun by making it clear that she was not born from anyone’s rib, nor did she know any serpents, nor did she offer anyone apples, and God never told her that giving birth would hurt or that your husband would tell you what to do. All those stories were just lies Adam told the press.” Eduardo Galeano, from his book Upside Down.

If Eve had written Genesis
the disconsolate flicker would
                         be just that, a flicker;
                         the moonbeam would
                         cast moonshadow in
                         with the child's mooring
                         of play; the capital of
would prance about in other
capitals, all shucking class.

If Eve had written Genesis
would she have stopped mid
                         way and utter a soul
                         ful harp, a glitterful
                         cup of wilful lore of
                         that crusts her, chucks
                         her rhyme and seems
enough for traffic to flow, for
greens to align with the pink?