Connected Space

Where is the astute set of
Connected points that greet

Your short wisdom, your less
Than, or more or less than?

What kiln would store the
Burn, the stick, the rank

Of the hole that bumps you
Out of dimension to meet?

4 comments on “Connected Space

  1. thotpurge says:

    To meet the connected points?

    • huzaifazoom says:

      In brushing up on mathematics (the kind touched upon in school but never quite pursued or even understood), I am re-discovering the rich vocabulary it can bring into play.

      • thotpurge says:

        Calculus was like that.. hours that might have been better spent on…anything else! But the idea of being forced into another dimension is intriguing!

      • huzaifazoom says:

        Math is intriguing; formal education manages to keep the intrigue from speaking up. That is where we come in 🙂

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