parallel verse

For every misstep that primes an obdurate
chalkline bent on rivet and stone, there is

a river; for every grey moon standing right
there, right there, there is a brook; for

every bard and every mistimed word that inks
the barren page, there is a stream, and it flows.

2 comments on “parallel verse

  1. shihuiwen says:

    This goes very well with the Yin-Yang philosophy and the flow of Chi…

    • huzaifazoom says:

      I was (more likely) riffing on Tagore’s commentary on the Upanishad: the river and its tributaries flowing towards the sea and the shores correcting each course. Thanks for pointing out the congruence with Chi: a reminder for me to familiarize myself more with the topic đŸ™‚

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