Figurine of speech – II

the river does  
not settle, nor does 
it dribble enough color at night to 
want to forget what it  
was that spoke the syllable of lost nows (or lost 
the river
does not settle, nor does it 
make it any easier for  
    to forego  
the loss of spilled ink;  
maggots eat leftover 
adverbs for a late-ish supper, and there is a  
clip-clop of yonder  
lads clamoring to get ahead, 
but where  

Figurine of speech – I

The parsing of lush adverbial oppositions
in the context of a red aftermath of post

-yesterdays and pre-tomorrows: that is the
conjunctive relief, the prepositional trophy,

the limiting of an untapped vowel slipping
off the coast of half-blitzed sploshes

of remembrances and recalcitrances, sobered
up aftermaths of a washed out couthness.