One more look at the deer park (Wang Wei)

The Deer Park

Empty mountain           
   Off moss.

19 Ways of Looking at Wang Wei: How a Chinese Poem is Translated

Here is Octavio Paz’s Spanish translation of the original Chinese translated again to English:
In the Deer Park Hermitage
No people are seen on this mountain.
Only voices, far off, are heard.
Light breaks through the branches.
Spread among the grass it shines green.

4 comments on “One more look at the deer park (Wang Wei)

  1. shihuiwen says:

    This is a lovely take on the original poem! I just studied “19 ways of looking at Wang Wei”, and I find some opinions rather subjective. Gary Snyder ‘ s translation does indeed capture the feel of the poem though.

    • huzaifazoom says:

      Thanks. I looked it up and indeed, Gary Snyder’s take is quite something. His proximity to nature gives him an edge. That he translates each word of the original and manages to add his own twist by imagining the moss ‘above’ the trees is impressive.

  2. Interesting and innovative. Well done.

    I think the problem of how to render the moss is one of the most difficult in trans(lating)(ducing) the poem. You might find my efforts worth a look – I’d be interested in you thoughts.

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