Squeals of impertinence and other tales

The laughter factory goes about its business
creating small and big squeals of impertinence.

There is a commotion, and the manager feigns a
haughty disposition in order to project authority.

Soon the matter is taken up by the lords of the
village and the river. The river complains as it

Never gets a chance to speak. “Enough,” says the
master of ceremonies, and that causes the manager

To halt the production of squeals for the week.

When the creature of dark was invited
one late evening, it relented because

It was not late enough; the spectators
wished it were otherwise for they wanted

To see the stars at night, and the stars
were always glad to put on their show,

Although sometimes they were a bit shy.

There was an old man who sat in front of
the sea and prayed for it to rain; the

Sea was nonplussed, so was the wind which
thought it would be nice to talk to him

At length; the rain followed soon after;
the wind and the sea gathered round the

Old man and celebrated together as friends.