the offal and the bees

Milk is left over
from the calves.
Water is left over
from the fishes,
flowers from the bees.

How can I worship you,
O Siva, with such offal?
But it's not for me
to despise left-overs,
so take what comes,

lord of the meeting rivers.

(Basavanna; translated by A.K. Ramanujan)

the eke, the partial eke, and naught except,
jumps out from

the river dwindling away resource manage
-ment for

naught; wait a little, friend, say a prayer in
solitude, give

some time, the sting of the sun is about to
nestle in any

time now.

2 comments on “the offal and the bees

  1. jeandesanto says:

    I like this poem. The title is excellent and the way you use your words is lovely.

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