“The challenge of modernity is to live without illusions without being disillusioned.” Antonio Gramsci

Also to dust off rust that clings to the hoary silences
And unbegotten riddles of a transcribed fate muted

By a plastic slogan engineered by teflon mendicants
Shy of their place in an unhinged history, that too is

The challenge, and to dust off the dry resolutions of
A tepid history, an unwoven unsung history, trapezing

Aloud, immersing inside, appeasingly indolent in yet
Another gasp of dust air, molecules devoid of zest

That pulls the neutrinos and anti-neutrinos muscled
In a tight embrace of unmanufactured, unformulated

Thick moss of what the eye sees when it is given the
Care to see. That too is the challenge, and to dust off

Caricature, puzzle, drivel, and weight from discussion.
To round off the appeasement of rain and some flakes.

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