The interjectionistas

The right to make amends in the image of your
Father, the right to bridge the gap between the
Has-to-happen and the had-to-happen, and the
Right to proclaim the blindness of it all, the
Proclivity of truth to reside in the wholesome
Bosoms of untruth, and the right to swoosh it
All off in bad tempered speech, ill-mannered,
Foul-mouthed interjections, because that too
Has to happen, that too had happened, had it not?

Perhaps the right to want to make it happen got
In the way of the proclivity to truth, and perhaps
The gated corridors of untruth were all that
Remained to console? Perhaps not. What seems like-
Lier is that the arrangement to conceal the dis-
Tasteful got lost in the accumulation of mistakes,
And the interjections interjected in their all too
Unpretty interjectiveness at a time when the right
To proclaim blindness saw the light and ran away.

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