V moments

The bar is raised
High enough to be referred to as high
And then its measurements revised.
When the doodles lap up all meaning
Inherent in the skyline, the giggles are
Gaggled, the sun dust is brushed aside by the wind.
In this air of declaration, of declension, of  
Descendency, of defamation, you declare,
Pretend to descend in mock defamation.
The high bar is in need of constant re-
Measuring as the demands of the skyline
Seem to have changed along with the doodles in the sky.
Sun dust makes cloud like formations, so are
The clouds, the functioning of clouds, the mechanical
Logistics of clouds, obviated in any way, in any sense?

I have spoken of this night as private

I have spoken of this night as private
As a windfall of slick residues of black

Treating solitude with the care of a child
Doing her rounds in the everyday in the

Everysome corners that shy not, retire not
From daylight, and breathe in the remnants

Of day left over after five thousand years
Of night. I have spoken of this night as private.

marginally human

What emerges is a fine line between the hither and
The thither, the crack that furnishes future with titbits

Of past aghast with possibility, torpid with shame,
Whetting an appetite forsworn to be satiated only

With torn flesh at the altar of modernity stripped of
All pretensions of what it is to be minimally human.