Statistics and Truth

There is the statistical trend, a roundup of scatterplots
Summarized for the logarithmic-ally minded while the
Rest spout the interpretation of the gist of the summary.

There is then the statistical truth, the underlying curve
Eyeing the trend, nudging the dots to acquiesce to
a less than feasible, not necessarily pragmatic, path.

And then there is the form which sits in the center and
Above it, encircling it, keeping quiet, while roaring with
A certainty that is the hallmark of a trepidatious maya.

Given to time

Given to time, given to useless time as
I pass by a door to inaction as it swings
By a fleet of nondescript men and women
As I groove along a tune that says adieu
To rhythm as I sing along an anthem of 
No home and do not stop, approximating 
rest by the relentlessness of perpetual motion.