Bulbous masters, have a grip on your
Torrid selves, have a steak or two to

Lease your nerves to a long term plan
Of containment, bulbous you tank, bulb

Ous you stank. Yet your shoulders do
Rise occasionally above the petty petty

Lowernessess that prettify and adorn.
You stank. You unflinching dust bast

Ard. Sink your teeth any lower and you
Will hit dirt where the snakes sit dark.


1 billion years in passing or 20, does it make a difference? But it
Does: at 14 billion, it was all poof in a nada sort of a way so …

5000 years in digressing or 10000, same difference: around 10,
We all ploughed, and at 5 we slouched while others ploughed.

The slouchers had time enough to think up Kaliyug, the dark times,
Commencing about the same time at which the slouching began.