Prelude to a history of the Other

I. The act in reflection
The act beholds its reflection
The reflection stays its course
The course amends parity
Parity refuses to lock horns

The course beholds its reflection
The reflection behooves its might
The might refers to obscurity
Obscurity defends the norms

The might beholds its reflection
The reflection surrounds its glare
The glare offends purity
Purity succumbs to harm.

II. The act in rebellion
The act in rebellion standing up
Not wanting to stare history’s judgement in shame, not feeling
The want of reason to call history by name, not
Acting to judge reason for want of shame. To
Act, to
Judge, to Shame.

III. Prelude to a history of the Other
Should it be written in dark syllables, and
If so, would the shades of prey amount
To anything other than a macroscopic case
Of dignified indigestion burped away in
Metals rare and unrare, soils dropped from
Heaven’s dictate, and animals, yes animals?

The betrothed arrow

The betrothed arrow is sunkish-fied
       In Eden in pockets of Eden
Where glass breaks gently and
Grasshoppers bend over backwards stealing light.

The arrowroot groom is drunkish-fied
       In Stupor in languid Stupor
When voice glides gently and
Treespiders caress day all day fleeting light.

The wedded mark is torpish-fied
       In Zeal in rabid Zeal
Where act slides gently and
Sandwipers whisper to the sun glimpsing light.


When the grain of sand is plastered
                                                        On rivers of sawdust, you can
Exclaim and pronounce the proceedings
                                                        Dead. You may climb the ratcheted
Stairway leading the charge against
                                                        Time. And you may derive umpteen
Equations equating dishonor with
                    Dread. But time will pass in empty
Containers overflowing with rhombus