Some D’s
Declanation: The soaking feeling of being distanced at noon when it’s still up in the air whether the decision to reap is morose or untidy.

Decimatotalling: The rapid onslaught of meaningless words enumerated with an equally rapid intention to instil meaning in a bowl of cowering prejudice.

Dubawocha: Ancient cry of hope intermingled with an impending sense of despair so palpable that hope is all but drowned in anxious premonition.

And E’s
Effermetive: Bubbly aftereffects of a jubilant yes
Enterpretive: Spirit of free market translation
Equilabel: Parsimony of titular justice
Estabfizment: Fountain-head of bubbly temperament (see Effermetive)

R’s, S’s and Y.
Y, the song of Y, the telling of the song of
Y, and Y. Rhythm, the culling of R, the

Naught and cunning of R, and the why.
Ess, the breach of S, the tail of the breach

Of Song, and then. Here’s then a retelling
Of the Y’s, R’s and Esses that dot my yard.

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2 comments on “Alpha-bet-ization

  1. Heather says:

    Mun directed me here, perhaps because of my proclivity to make up words. Being of an estabfizment temperament (does one use “temperament” here, or is it redundant?), my favorite happens to be “Effermetive.” Nice compilation 🙂

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