greasy palms

death is not about to follow you in the ditch it has better

things cut out                                                           better
things cut out in                                                       better


Life is the hound the one that will stalk you haunt you are
you scared yet scared enough wits lost yet no?

Grease its palms and you will get greasy palms from the 
transaction that goes beyond time it goes beyond choice
to an axiom the starting axiom that proffered the word.

sink your teeth in the contradiction

sink your teeth in the contradiction, the
gnarl of latent symbols, so that you too
can taste the rift that tears the stars apart;
you too can bear the brunt of starlight making
faces at noon, egging it on to show a little bit of
                                      something, a lit bit of 
                                      daylight piercing the armor
of       lost                         glances stuck
         in traffic
howling for a fix
growling for tomorrow, for a form
                           than distinct 
that stands apart and stands renewed, this last bit of bravado goes a long way, it does not go a long way.

the hoot, the hoo, and the ho

I. the hoot
the hoot the maximal hoot
and nothing but the hoot that
is the question for if the hoot
were known by any other claim
it would look the same taste the
same feel too the same that dam
ned hoot the maximal hoot and
nothing but the hoot.

II. the hoo
it behooves the deathly hoo to screech as
loud as it does does too the deathly hoo and

when the screech is slipping across the shiny
floor, you go ‘it slipped!’ but that is how the hoo

goes should go slipping across the shiny floor
the hoo the claim on the hoo the flaw of the 

claim on the hoo whereby the deathly follows
suit screeching too it does as it did on the floor.

III. the ho
the ho
      to minimize the ho
lessen the ho – reverentially sitting buddha lotus mindful om all incense vapor droopy eyed
that is not ho that is no-ho what the fo-ho – lessen
minimize and lessen minimize till what you get is not even a drop not a vapor of a drop – and
damn the lotus leaf – let it rot midstream.