when the killing is done

when the killing is done, there is need forĀ 
the balancing kill – plus one minus oneĀ 
squaring off one by one – hell’s
equation distributing retributive in

this is where the dark meets dark, the
solemn meets solemn, the grim the grim the
itch the time more time this time deathlust.


verisimilitude is the ouching dragon,
the loff track, the una laila, all three
sitting on the cussed train counting
lilies as their necks strain, but not too
much as there are proscribed limits to verisimilitude, its cousins know that and so
should you.

Anti pattern

Thirteen passed away on the twelfth day as opposed to fourteen on
the eleventh. There is a pattern there it seems there is a pattern there

it seems. Death count, simple arithmetic, not so simple though as the
count fluctuates and you fail to see the pattern visibly dimming away

with every passing death or day or count or miscount or missed death.
For every pattern there is the anti-pattern situated not on earth but on venus.


agar iss raastay par dopehar ki bheegi dhoop ki aanch paR jaa-ay
agar usee dhoop ki do chaar boondaiN humaree peshaanioN ko
choomti huee kaheeN kisee konay maiN cHup kar bahaanay kar
kay, saw bahaanay kar kay, kucH poocHay aur kucH sunaa-ay

to yeh bila-uzr kehna paRay ga keh ab hum thak gaye haiN magar
thakan kay lawaazim ab tak pooray nahiN ho paa-ay; aur yehi dhoop
yehi thakan or wohi chaar boondaiN, inheeN nay to khuTkhaTaana
hai chokhat par, dehleez par, bila-uzr, bila-jhijak, khud bakhud, khwa-ma-khwa.