Five alpha experiments

Filaments of air – hints of vapid remembrance, a return to form

Dire shackles of somnambulence – their lazy cast an excuse for the call to inaction

Mites of tenureless hyperbole – globules, albeit tiny, of a hyperspace fitted for a resigned experiment in spacetime.

Last known refuge, it can be tempted to know in the same measure
In the same measure as the regal tide is confined to its torpor
In the same measure as the torpor is regaled off into numbness
Numbness that is no measure of hurt
Hurt that is furthest from truth
Truth that is grain
Truth that stains.

memories of flesh, signposts, bird tweets, chug you along
on the path where dream meets the tarry road where

the untold is made rhythmically real through allusion of
flesh again of an aesthetic bound by the law of freedom

seek gently glance lightly lest you aim to see more than
what memory warrants for that is possible more than

possible it is the norm to over extend it is the template
in fact of error the shore will nevertheless guide you through.

Bird tweets as signposts, the low probability event
as dawn, future melts rightly into an icebox.
Can’t say anymore if the blighted will fly low, if the
road’s bumpiness is any indication of its lowliness.

Let’s just say tomorrow is another day for the sake of it and be done with.

Let’s just remind our inner decibel making machinery that to pray is to prey.

And you will not gain much
Not extend by much either.
If you tick tock this timepiece any more, it will break into so many pieces you will find it hard to count, although it won’t be because of lack of time.

This much it can be said, if it can be said at all, that
Manufactured dreams can be allowed to park in this
Corner or that, yet you will not have access to their

Technological innards until you have mastered the
Algorithm that enumerates the signals that cross
The wire that speak or try to sound the truth byte.

Sufficiency in algorithmic interpretation can give
You a head start, the kind which tears the machine
Apart in an instant, only to build it back in another.

Sufficiency in digital metaphor can give you some
Sort of leeway that will think it can cross the
divide forgetting that metaphor is always analog.

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