goddesses of south India

the goddesses are sauntering on some seashore in south India
Sita, Kali, difficult-to-pronouce-devi-this-one, difficult-to-pronounce-devi-that-one, and it is as if the eternal feminine is principally concentrated on that lonesome seashore in south India.

It is an imbalance of holy proportions for such deified acronyms to be concentrated in one point in space-time. You can argue, no, it’s just the spirit which resides, the spirit which otherwise is free as that colorful bird in South America, you know the one that is also so difficult to pronounce. You can argue and argue.

But this temple-i-zation, this hyperflux of difficult-to-pronounce-devi names, this localization of what ought to be simple unfettered joy thingies, it’s indigestion I tells ya.

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