Say almost anything

Scribbling dribbling, almost anything that
– a sculpted wish may wish
– a transformed deity coming home will weigh on scales of the original injustice that separated it all
– the ministry of magic will gurgle ‘bata teri raza kya hai?’ while looking up a forlorn dictionary
– will nuzzle the ooozlemots and pratinchoots to form a distinct cohort of misanthropes, and then dance to emblemify nothing
– will choke the ‘gata rahe mera dil’ in its first footstep, and the forlorn dictionary is put back where it belongs
– will force the coagulated anxieties that prefix the beginning of day to dissipate themselves in the tiniest of orgified b-complexes
– with the moral turpitude of an organogram outwit the phalanxes and the rabid nurses that carry your message of care to the other side.
– will create semblance, correspondence, one-on-one mappings, and then step outside for a luxuriated pillow-less air massage.
– gives cause to concern, depth to the unloved, parch to the submerged in mire.