Water scribbles

– Ground of being: word immersed in the search for joy.
– We owe ourselves more disbelief and disarray if anything is to be substantiated at all.
– Creature comforts and gourmet literature: connecting the oppressor to the oppressed in aesthetic sympathy.
– Plunging into the uncharted depth of words that leads to the abyss that soothes.
– Words can be shaken off their colonial bearings if you will it often enough; plus there is little choice.
– Gravitas to be sought in peals of unexpressed laughter in bonds of a tyrannical softness that yearns to be broken.
– Preach the preachiness of the soft vowel that glows in the dust of unforgiving middlemen that see only the passage of a tiresome journey nervously surmounting this ambitious precipice ahead, missing the inevitable fall.

(Habarana to Trincomalee, Sri Lanka; Aug 6, 2013)

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