– The structure is daunting, towering, compelling. Not death — yet. It does not seem to seek life yet speaks of it. Compel the structure itself to yield to softer things.

– The body is not the wound; the discourse is not the whole; the rot is not the core — yet. Find another apple, look for another tree, seek another orchard.

– Seize this moment of separation amid lush trees, quiet road and cloudy skies, where the contemplative dog watches cars and bikes and trucks pass by; where wayside coconuts are getting bored waiting to be sold; seize these tangents to triangulate your course and look the odd passer-by in the eye.

– Touch the coursing error in your veins while immersing yourself in the sea of faces glimpsing joy in snatches.

– To rather be a little lost than a little sure, altering the rules of engagement.

(Nilaveli to Colombo, Sri Lanka; Aug 8, 3013)

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