The New Babylon

I have arrived on the shores of this new Babylon
Where the masters of old have carved out remnants

Of stone that turn to dust, turn to dust. Good grief
I exclaim, this new Babylon, is two parts dust and

Two parts stone! I have arrived thus on the dawn of
This new Babylon yearning for the voice of Akkad,

Bahroz, Ohud, Ilyad, Porphus, Daryush, and Gamarr:
Accented names, difficult to pronounce, origin unknown.

The mystics of Rum will dance with less fervour now that
The secret is out: two parts dust and equal parts stone.

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5 comments on “The New Babylon

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  2. Munira says:

    This smacks of your earlier unintelligible works! Love it! 😀

  3. berlioz1935 says:

    You proclaim that not to make sense is your aim? So you must be a Babylonian yourself?

    In this new world of instant communication what is communicated? Nothing, hot air? From the Kings down a languages is being used that nobody understands. Orwell alerted us to that. All has the opposite meaning or no meaning at all. Confusion is the climate in which to control the people.

  4. huzaifazoom says:

    I strongly suspect Orwell had a whole different breed of obfuscator in mind: my attempts at non-sense are too transparent to hoodwink anyone let alone control.

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