On the roadside, kill.

On the roadside, kill. Run child run. O what fun.
Chase the goat. Cute. Cut. Cut. Run run.

Blood. Feed the poor today. O so nice. Tomorrow
Let them rot. And the day after. And after. Rot rot.

Glut. Chomp chomp. O so much. Blessed day.
Black red day is back. The puke runneth over.

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7 comments on “On the roadside, kill.

  1. colorviz says:

    hahahahahaha….love it!!!

  2. Munira says:

    Reblogged this on munira's bubble and commented:
    Huz was inspired to write this today. Apparently I’m the muse. Go figure. 😐
    This one’s in ‘honour’ of Bakra Eid, for all you poetic people….

  3. Ouch – that’s disturbing. Every time Munira’s written about this subject, it turns this vegetarian’s stomach. Was that very last sentence the part about her …

    • huzaifazoom says:

      The last sentence describes pretty much both her reaction and mine. The thought of this post itself popped up while talking with her a few hours earlier. Hence the muse 🙂

  4. Never been to this festival…. I don’t think I’d like it either … tv coverage is sometimes enough … enough ind-Eid …

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