– When you have certainty, there is certainly no need for facts.
– Opinion is to fact what Gandhi is to Einstein.
– Depth is factual only to the point where you can measure it. Otherwise you are out of depth.
– Hot air is fact as well as opinion.
– Hammer is fact; the nail in your head is not. Putting the two together is fun.

Platitude is the only evil

– You can say almost anything using vague and difficult language. And it all makes wonderful sense.
– The ease with which you can be dishonest while spouting platitudes is unsurpassed.
– Platitude is self righteous almost by definition.
– Euphemism can be necessary to avoid harm. Otherwise euphemism is like platitude.
– Platitude itself can be a euphemism. But then it gets confusing.
– Harmless platitudes are found only in kindergarten.
– By spending too much time with platitudes, you crowd out the space for original thought.